About The National Building Foundation

The National Buildning Foundation is funding - and much more

The National Building Foundation was founded in 1967 and is an independent institution, which is developed by the Danish social housing organizations and regulated by the state through legislation.

The Foundation is based in Copenhagen, and aims to support and develop the social housing sector and its self-financing through various subsidy and loan schemes.

In short the The National Building Foundation works with funds that comes from the sector itself. The tax paying public is not involved.

Analysis, IT-tools and urban development

The National Building Foundation also finances knowledge production and produces statistics, key figures and analyses of the social housing sector.

Moreover, the Foundation holds various types of master data for the social housing sector. Based on the master data, The National Building Foundation has developed various IT-tools such as an accounting database and a so-called Twin Tool that makes it easier to benchmark a specific housing organization when compared to similar organizations. The Foundation also develops various thematic statistics on conditions and issues within the social housing sector.

Finally, The National Building Foundation is a central player in the strategic development of sustainable urban environments. By staging smaller meetings and large-scale conferences the Foundation aims to create cooperation and innovation within the public housing sector itself. In this endeavor the Foundation aims to reach out to other operators in the Danish society facing the same general challenge.

The structure of The National Building Foundation

The National Building Foundation is led by a board of nine members. It has an independent administration, which on daily basis is governed by a secretariat. Moreover, the Foundation is organized into three departments:

• Special Operating Aid department
• Administration department
• Analysis department